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εïз // massipooop
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About Me My name is Massie. I'm 13 years old, and I live in the US of A. My parents are divorced, but I see them equally. I have an older sister, Casey, who's 19 and gorgeous. It's actually not fair. I heart animals so so much. I'm getting a Chihuahua very soon, actually. I'm going to name her Aly. Anyway. I'm kinda obsessed with Johnny Depp. And I heart the Disney Channel. Hannah Montana and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody are my favorite shows. Shorty McShort Shorts and American Dragon are stupid. Ashley Tisdale, Emily Osment, and Aly&AJ rock.

Hearts alyson michalka. ashley tisdale. elle fanning. johnny depp. magazines. pink. yap yap (chihuahuas). disney channel. emily osment. photoshop. livejournal. disney world. reese witherspoon. joaquin phoenix. walk the line. johnny cash. elvis presley. tim mcgraw. josh turner. miranda lambert. carrie underwood. titanic. finding neverland. pirates of the caribbean. charlie and the chocolate factory. friends. family. Christmas. cookies. cupcakes. sugar. boys. shopping. target. full house. reading. florida. beaches. pools. winter.

Hates school. popular people who are in love with themselves. boys who wear pants that are too big. paint shop pro. bad elvis impersonators. posers. liars. bad johnny cash impersonators. scary movies. comic books. food lion. sadness. suer kraut. these hideous pair of shoes my sister owns. being lonely. being dogless. heavy metal. american dragon. skulls. waiting for potc3 to come out. thunderstorms.

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